In days long since forgotten, Men left behind the ancient continent of Ur-Lydd and its warring empires and came to Vaern, across the promyrean Ocean. There, they brought a light of civilization to the great plains of the Myr, built the Citadel at the Wyrmspine, and established peaceful relations with dwarves and elves where they could. But the world turns…

The legendary eladrin have returned to the ancient forest city that bears their ancestral name of Vaern. Dark things slink under Kallath's Crag and the once-majestic dwarven halls by the Rhylwood. Darkness threatens every corner of the continent once hailed as a promised land.

Who can stand against the dark?A few brave souls have begun. Lazareus, a human cleric of Avandra; and Raedin, a halfling rogue; struck out on adventure with the help of varied companions for profit and the chance to make a small difference for the better. But as they encounter greater and deeper evils, will a sinister pattern emerge from the shadows?


*The World of Vaern

Puppets of the Shadow

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