Puppets of the Shadow

All Shook Up

Every story begins somewhere.

A sudden earthquake rocks the prosperous city of Faldale, throwing its citizens into panic.

Lazareus, a human cleric of Avandra, becomes embroiled in a scuffle with looters from a thieves' gang while trying to heal some of the injured. He is joined in his battle by Raedin, a halfling rogue more than slightly interested in lining her pockets with the coin the looters have already lifted. Lisania, a sopping drunk elf ranger, does as much staggering as she does fighting, but nonetheless helps to bring the looters down.

 Impressed by the trio, Watch Lieutenant Renthik hires them on to investigate the gang who sent out the looters by tracking them to their lair in the riverfront district, known locally as the Thieves' Quarter.

 The group tracks the thieves to a seedy bar near the docks, saving a young guardsman along the way. Inside, they fight burly thugs before getting the bar owner to cough up the location of a secret passage in his cellar that leads to the thieves hideout.

A diabolical series of traps takes its toll on the party, but they win through to confront Boss Huis – a shrill voiced doppelganger who gloats with superiority about newfound power from his "master". After mentioning this, he seems to be struck by magical energies that drive him into a furious attack.

When Huis lies dead, his burly half-ogre henchman readily knuckles under to serve the new "bosses". A celebratory flask of whiskey Lisania gives him is enough to knock him out cold after a too-long draught however.

The party returns to Renthik to collect their payment and is told that, though the city is settling back into order, there is continuing great need for these heroes who have stepped up.He offers to put them up in Faldale's best inn: The Suckling Boar run by Fredegar Horpal. The party gratefully accepts, and settles in for a comfortable night.

The adventure has just begun…




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