Watch Lieutenant Renthik - Commander of the City Watch's Soldiery


A "dwarf's dwarf", Renthik is stockily built and has an immense and intricately braided beard of brown hair. His standard polished blue armor of the City Watch is embellished with the Lieutenant's coat-of-arms at the shoulder and a crest on his helmet.


Renthik is one of two Lieutenants who serve under Watch Captain Turega. He oversees the standard soldiery, whether infantry, cavalry, or archery. He is fonder of a straight forward attack than sneaky tactics, and but has a great appreciation for the support of his fellow Lieutenant Ryko's Arcane Legions, who provide invaluable support to his troops. He is boisterous when in a good mood, which usually happens after a good fight, but very serious when it comes to protecting the city.


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