A wizard who's never without a chilling blast


He is prideful of what he is, a wizard, and it shows with how he presents himself. Always walking straight and tall, as taught to him by his elders, he seems menacing at first sight. Respectful, and loyal to a fault, though not nearly as humble as he should be. He can be headstrong at times, as is custom to his race, though he holds back well all things considered.

Balasar has a rust quality to his leathery hide.


Balasar is one of few Dragonborn wizards in the world. He was attracted to the arcane side of life after seeing a demonstration of simple magic tricks from headmaster Gorman, at the age of 10. Since then, he had been enthralled with the arcane arts and all of it’s entitlements. Having been blessed with the power of ice breath, his interest in being able to call upon the elements of ice by simply snapping his fingers mystified and appealed to him. After having seen the demonstration, he spent hours upon hours reading books of arcane arts, listening to the stories of other wizards in training, throwing himself into education and further knowledge of being a wizard and everything that came with it.

Headmaster Gorman took notice of Balasar’s interest soon thereafter, and offered to show him the true way of being a wizard, of studying the arcane arts. From then on, Balasar threw himself into training, taking pride in what he could do, hungering for more information and teachings.

Now, years later, Balasar has finally decided to leave the city. After mastering many spells of ice and fire, and a desire to explore more than the city walls he has known for his life, he agrees to help protect a caravan on it’s way to Faldale. Here, he meets his current party, after a couple of mishaps with a certain elf.


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