Tag: Dwarf


  • Earthroot

    A dwarven stronghold in the north end of the Wyrmspine mountains founded by Thoriad Stoneshoulders centuries ago. It is currently the home of the largest clan of dwarves in [[Vaern]].

  • Renthik

    Renthik is one of two Lieutenants who serve under Watch Captain Turega. He oversees the standard soldiery, whether infantry, cavalry, or archery. He is fonder of a straight forward attack than sneaky tactics, and but has a great appreciation for the …

  • Kristryd Stonefoot

    Kristryd was raised in the Stonefoot clan, but her family married in only a few generations ago. She is an independent, headstrong young woman with a fondness for exploration and problem solving.

     She was surprised to learn that she was the …