Tag: city


  • Xilkaht

    Xilkaht sits at the eastern edge of the [[Seasands Desert]], overlooking the [[Promyrian Ocean]]. It's exotic, spiraling towers, gilded domes and legendary magical bazaar draw adventurers, merchants, and thrill-seekers from all over [[Vaern]].

  • Earthroot

    A dwarven stronghold in the north end of the Wyrmspine mountains founded by Thoriad Stoneshoulders centuries ago. It is currently the home of the largest clan of dwarves in [[Vaern]].

  • Vaern Enclave

    The eladrin built the enclave in the old southern forest of [[Vaern]] in a time long ago that even they have forgotten. It was abandoned during the Great Separation, but sinc ethe worlds have become aligned once more, some eladrin have returned to their …

  • Citadel of the Watch

    The Citadel of the Watch sits at the highest peak of the [[Wyrmspine Mountains]] and is the sister city of [[Faldale]] in most respects. Founded as a bastion of proection for travelers crossing the mountains, it also serves as the training ground for …

  • Myrhome

    The first great city built by human settlers in [[Vaern]], Myrhome sits in the center of the plains called the [[Myr]]. Once a flourishing center of arts and industry, it was destroyed during the [[Gnoll War]], and is now a cold ruin, home to beasts and - …