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  • Vaern

    Vaern is the name of the larger of two continents in the western hemisphere of the world of [[Ardette]]. Its name comes from the eladrin kingdom that was established when humans first came to the continent. The eladrin emissaries asked the humans " …

  • Promyrean Ocean

    The wide, wet expanse of the Promyrean Ocean separates the continents of [[Vaern]] and [[Daelyn]] from the ancient supercontinent of [[Urlydd | Ur-lydd]]. The first human settlers are thought to have crossed the ocean over 2000 years ago.

  • Ardette

    Ardette is the World's Truename, handed down by scholars and sages since time immemorial. The Lorekeepers of Terendue were the first to know the Name of the Created World, but even when Blessed Dalthir first heard the name from his Lady, the Name …