Hall of the Forgesinger

Located in the Little Wyrm Mountains just east of the Rhylwood, the Hall of the Forgesinger was once a mighty dwarven stronghold, before it was abandoned by the few survivors of the Century of Hordes.



The Hall was established in the 2nd Century FE  by Berdain Forgesinger I and his sons. They brough with them many craftsmen from the older dwarven city-fortress at Earthroot and carved in the living rock an enduring testament to their clan. The Little Wyrm Mountains proved rich in ores both practical and beautiful, and the wealth and influence of the dwarven city-state grew rapidly.


The Great Leave-taking

The population of the Hall suffered heavy casualties during the Century of Hordes, reduced in the end to fewer than a score of survivors. These remaining descendants trekked eastward to their kin at Earthroot in the 6th Century, leaving the once-great Halls empty.


The Reclaiming

In the 7th Century AF, a group of aventurers came to the Halls, seeking storied treasure and wonders that legends told still lay within the halls. Instead, they found a horde of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears that had taken up residence and claimed the halls as their own. With a sense of righteous fury, the adventurers left off thoughts of plunder to chastise the goblin-kin, slaying the greater part and driving the few stragglers from the tunnels below.

In the deepest places of the Halls, these same adventurers conquered the Trials of the Dwarf Lords that tested the dwarven Princes of old, and after overcoming the fell ancient beast that dwelt in the Deep Lake, they were visited with a vision of the Forgesinger himself!

He bestowed on on the party rewards for their valor, and enjoined them to seek out the sole remaining heir of his clan, that the halls might be restored to their former glory.

Through the aid of a Ring enspelled to track the heir, the party soon caught up with Kristryd Stonefoot, and after rescuing her and her party of miners from troglodytes, the PCs were able to reveal to Kristryd her ancestry, and set her on the path to the Rebuilding.

Kristryd's efforts to rebuild the Halls have been joined by a hundred dwarves of Earthroot who have set much of the old palace and tunnels to their old and grand state. They do seem to be meeting an unexpectedly fierce resistance from a pocket of determined kobolds in the north parts of the Little Wyrm range, but they are persistent in their efforts to once again claim the range for the dwarves and for Civilization.

Hall of the Forgesinger

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